Hearing Aids

Hearing aid accessory assisting aids for smartphonesHow can I benefit from Hearing Instruments?

  • Hearing instruments canignificantly enhance thequality of life
  • Hearing instruments are designed to make speech louder and clearer at acomfortable level
  • Hearing instruments can help enhance speech in background noise
  • Hearing instruments can dramatically improve one’s awareness of surrounding sounds and voices
  • Those who opt for hearing instruments experience better relationships with family and friends, higher self-esteem, improved mental health, and greater independance and security



Types of Hearing Aids

A solution for all

We can supply and fit from a large range of different instruments, from the tiny CIC models which fit into the ear canal, to discreet instruments such as the latest RITE models.

We also now have state of the art solutions for listening to your mobile phone, mp3 player and much more.