Our Fitting Procedure


Initial Consultation

  • Examination of the ear canal
  • Audiometric assessment
  • Results explained
  • We will recommend an instrument based on a number of considerations including – lifestyle i.e. the instrument needs to cope with the specific situations you find difficult; cosmetics – we will consider this where it is deemed important to the user; ease of use e.g. need for an automatically adjusting system? need for easy to handle instrument? rechargeable system?
  • Ask us about the benefit of the new Receiver-in-the-ear / open fitting technology


  • Aid is programmed by computer to suit your individual hearing loss
  • Full instructions and demonstrations of the use and care of the instrument
  • Advice on expectations


  • You will be covered by the manufacturers guarantee for an agreed period
  • We encourage you to come back ANYTIME and see us with any questions or queries. It is important to us that you get the most from your instrument

Annual Checkup

  • Hearing assessment and reprogramming of instrument where required
  • Cleaning of instrument
  • Further advice

We are here to listen to your needs

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