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Hearing Protection

Important Facts about Noise- Induced Hearing Loss

Permanent hearing damage may occur instantly or may be gradual depending on the noise intensity and duration of exposure. It is very likely that you will not notice the damage until it is too late.

If you experience ringing in your ears immediately after noise exposure, this is a warning sign that you are being exposed to damaging levels of noise. The right hearing protection can keep your noise exposure with in daily acceptable limits.

What Level of Noise is Damaging?

Research has shown that prolonged exposure to sound levels over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. To put this into perspective, listening to your mp3 player at maximum volume is roughly 105 decibels. That is 100 times more intense than 85 decibels!

Noise levels in night clubs, raves and music concerts could be 100 decibels or greater. This could cause hearing damage within 15 minutes of constant exposure. We have solutions for industry, music, swimming, sleeping, shooting and much more.

Custom Ear Moulds Musician Earplugs

All musicians MUST wear appropriate musician earplugs to avoid irreversible hearing damage. Damage to your hearing as a musician can destroy your chances of a long lived and successful career.

Musician earplugs are specially custom moulded and tuned to provide a predefined reduction in ambient noise while maintaining clarity.

Noise At Work EU legislations impose legal duties on employers and the self employed to provide appropriate hearing protection for themselves and employees at work.

In-ear monitors

In-ear Monitoring

  • Does your music team struggle with feedback on stage?
  • Do your lead and back-up singers find themselves shouting instead of singing because they cannot hear themselves during praise and worship?
  • Do you find it difficult to hear the instrument you are playing over the other instruments in the room?
  • Is the volume on stage too loud for your congregation or audience?
  • Do you find that your stage is clustered with monitors and wires that take up space and can be difficult to carry, set up and store?

Using in-ear monitors can resolve the above issues and many more.

Jovon is dedicated to getting as many musicians as possible equip with appropriate hearing protection. Call us today for more details or to arrange an appointment with our Doctor of Audiology.